AKB48 Team SH Liu Liu gone viral with extraordinary dance video

Fans of AKB48 Team SH and Chinese netizens were shocked by the video of their member, Liu Liu circulating on the internet.

The video is Liu Liu, the second generation member of AKB48 Team SH who is dancing and lively to invite the eyes.

It is suspected that this was done during a live broadcast on a Chinese video platform.

Not just dancing but the girl often showed off her pretty obvious insiide.

She also protested by net citizens because the dance was very beyond them.

No doubt that Liu Liu is a host who often broadcasts live on a platform.

Liu Liu's video continued to spread until it was discovered by fans of SNH48 GROUP.

Protest and criticism from AKB48 Team SH fans continued to flood the video uploader's comments column.

They were also surprised and did not expect Liu Liu's activities before entering this group to exceed the limit.