AKB48 Team SH Xu Yiting lined up Senbatsu despite horrible scandal

AKB48 Team SH has announced their third single titled 'Shoujotachi yo / Chang ba! Shaonumen'. This music video single has been released today. There is something interesting in this third single where the release distance is only 1 month from the second single 'So Long!'.

In this single, AKB48 Team SH again selected 16 members of the senbatsu. They are Chen Yixin, Dai Ziyan, Li Shiqi, Liu Nian, Mao Weijia, Shen Ying, Shi Keyan, Wan Fangzhou, Wang Yuduo, Wu Anqi, Xu Yiting, Ye Zhien, Zhai Yujia, Zhou Nianqi, Zhu Ling, and Zhuang Xiaoti .

The most unexpected is Xu Yiting who is a training student who can enter senbatsu. Xu Yiting has just been hit by a scandal over having a boyfriend and a personal Weibo.

 According to information from one fan, he even talked about kisses and safety devices in her personal weibo. As a result, Xu Yiting has been disliked by AKB48 Team fans.

 Although she has apologized and been punished, it is considered not worth the deed. What's more, she can join the senbatsu third single 'Shoujotachi yo' and even appear in music videos.

This made fans in China criticize the entry of Yiting in the senbatsu ranks. "Basically I don't see it (in MV)," wrote @ 茶 咕咕咕. "All of his faces are blurry like opaque glass," commented @ 白 存 了 呦. "Why wasn't Wei Xin not chosen instead, I criticized management," @MIZUKI wrote 吕. "At least two scenes (in the MV) are visible, must be cut," wrote @ tulis Bruce.

After being interviewed in the MV Shoujotachi yo, there were two scenes that indeed Xu Yiting was clearly visible. However, some were deliberately blurry. The scene that featured Xu Yiting seemed to be cut and almost rarely. AKB48 Team SH may have been preparing for this third single for a long time before the strong Xu Yiting scandal