BNK48 Cherprang Areekul graduation hint outraged fans

Comment: if cherprang areekul graduate from bnk48 who will replace ace after graduation? .. kelulusan lulus keluar

During interview with local media Cherprang Areekul makes BNK48 fans assuming that she will be soon graduate from the group because of what she said to the media.

"BNK48 is not only me, I just want you to know that BNK isn't about Cherprang. BNK48 is everyone and because of that it become today. I'm just a small piece in the big thing called BNK48." says Cherprang.

It is known that those reporters asked for Cherprang response about BNK48 will be boring for the fans without her in the group.

A fan then writes on Instagram. "There are no member is bigger than the group. Members come and go, but legends stay forever."