Cao LuDan confirms CKG48 rebirth, Siba prepares SHY48 Team SY

IDOLS Ft member Cao LuDan spokes out on the radio by Saturday March 2 regarding CKG48 and SHY48 returns. Previously, CKG48 have posted some clue with a pict on their official Weibo account. Both groups members were separated and left no one since SNH48 Group Shuffle in January 2019.

LuDan confirms the CKG48 will return, but yet to be confirmed the exact date.

From Cao LuDan's (Idols Ft Member) Radio:

"CKG48 Revival Stage begins March 16, may change, we can just wait for official announcement for the exact date."

"Many CKG48 seniors will come back and dance, those with pocket48 chat room means those who have signed the contract."

"Some seniors will join us for the premiere, if not we will not be able to make up 16 people."

"Most of the performers are the original CKG48 members, the ticket sales for the stage should be in a few days time."

"I can't reveal the setlist but some of them are new ones and some of them are my favourite."

"Our accommodation has been settled, but they never mention that there will be a new life centre (dorm) and the theater may not be a fixed place."

"I'm a local from Chongqing, so I didn't stay at the place the company assigned. Those that can open their pocket48 chat room means they are coming back."

The CKG48 theater to be moved to other region. On the other side SIBA are preparing to rivals AKB48 Team SH by planning to estabilish SHY48 Team SY.