CKG48 reborn moment with 17 members

Today is the date of CKG48's rebirth to the world! Since the formation of two CKG48 teams disbanded on January 19, now they are back without a team formation. Their first show was no longer held at the CKG48 Star Dream Theater located in Guorui Center. Instead they will hold their daily performances at the CQPC Times Arts Center (重演 时代 艺术 中心).

Before the show starts at 7:00 a.m. at Chongqing time, CKG48 first introduce its members in public at the Kabesha (members frame) installation event. Some media crews also came to cover this special moment. A total of 17 members of CKG48 were re-introduced and paired photos with their frames on the walls of the CQPC Times.

These 17 CKG48 members are the remaining members of IDOLS Ft and CKG48. They were Cao Ludan, Deng Qian, Dai Ziwei, Huang Wanying, Lei Yuxiao, Lai Junyi, Mao Yihan, Meng Yue, Peng Yuhan, Qiao Yuzhen, Tian Qianlan, Tian Mi, Wang Mengzhu, Wu Xueyu, Wei Xiaoyan, Zeng Jia, Zhao Siyu, and Zuo Xin. All members and fans present were very happy watching the event.