JKT48 to be brand ambassador of Xiaomi phone

JKT48 was once again hooked by the popular Chinese phone brand Xiaomi to become the ambassador of smartphone Redmi Note 8.

The development of Xiaomi's cellphone is indeed quite good in Indonesia, even daring to compete with other foreign products.

Many of these phone users come from children to teenagers.

Of course Xiaomi is not wrong in picking up beautiful girls from JKT48.

Previously also in 2018, JKT48 and Xiaomi had collaborated to advertise Redmi Note 5 products.

Redmi Note 8 will be launched in the near future in Indonesia.

Xiaomi will also invite JKT48 at the launch event.

The launching of the new Xiaomi mobile product will be held on October 17, 2019 and will be broadcast live.