Meet Aom Punyawee Jungcharoen genius CGM48 captain

One of the CGM48 members that attract attention of public is Aom aka full name Punyawee Jungcharoen. She went from BNK48 Trainee to be CGM captain in the space of less than a year. Aom is known as a genius member. Lets see her profile and facts.

Born and raised in Chiang Mai, in 2014 she moved to Bangkok to continue her education. Being a cheerleader since she was kindergarten. The leader of the marching band at her school.

Active in various school and campus activities. From member trainees (BNK48) to become captain (CGM48) within a year. A smart figure, almost all subjects / lectures get an A.

Cheerleader ambassadors at her campus, Thammasat University. Graduated from Thammasat University only 3.5 years with the title cumlaude. Received the Miss Photogenic Award from her campus when she was a fresh student. Excellent in public speaking.