New SNH48 sub unit DEMOON announced and debut

SNH48's newest sub unit called 'DEMOON' officially debuted at the SNH48 GROUP 6th Idol Annual General Election concert which was held on Saturday, July 27, 2019. This sub unit was originally called Dreamfairy which later changed its name on this debut.

Previously this sub unit underwent a training period in South Korea before their debut performance. DEMOON consists of 7 SNH48 GROUP members namely Xu Zixuan (SII), Wu Zhehan (SII), Zhang Yi (NII), Yuan Yiqi (HII), Yang Bingyi (X), Zhang Dansan (X), and Zhang Qiongyu (X / G ).

They were chosen from fans' voices which were announced in the fifth Request Time last January. Reportedly they will release the first single consisting of 4 songs. 

The concept of DEMOON itself is somewhat similar to 7SENSES which is oriented towards KPOP and a combination of other musical genres. When viewed from visual debut they are more like 'bad girl'.

The center of the sub unit was Xu Zixuan because he was ranked first in the vote for the new sub-unit election yesterday. The song they performed was FOX or Huli in their mandarin. DEMOON's debut song was very good and not much different from 7SENSES 'debut song' Girl Crush '. Their dance is also very energetic.