NGT48 Hagiri Runa resign after that punishment

Comment: hagiri runa graduation still a mystery ngt48 mgmt didnt explain but runa hagiri graduate bc of scandal?

Through official NGT48 website one of its member Hagiri Runa has announced her resignation from the group. All of her activity has ended by today including her SHOWROOM, NGT Mobile Photolog, and Instagram.

Previously, Hagiri Runa had been suspended since December 26, 2018 for violating regulations. Here is the comment of Hagiri Runa regarding her resignation.

"On this occasion, I, Hagiri Runa decided to resign from NGT48.
Sorry to have kept people waiting all this time and everything ended with this announcement.

Even though my time at NGT48 was very short, but I had time to participate in Theater performances, Handshake, Active on social media, meeting and talking with fans, and other activities that were like being dreamed of.

In addition, there are also many experiences that I have gained such as acting, radio and television. 

Each experience for me is very valuable, for me who is not long enough to be an Idol.

Thank you to the fans who have supported us, NGT48 Gen 2 and other members and staff. 

Thank you to the fans who have involved their support with the members so far, prepared many things and time to come see us, made me able to smile with a warm welcome from the fans.

During my hiatus, I thought I wanted more experience so far so I decided on my future by walking the other way.

From now on, I want to try new challenges and try many new experiences to become women who can appreciate the importance of something. Thank you for the happiness given to me."