SNH48 to release 2nd album "Our Journey"

SNH48 announces the release of their latest album titled 'Our Journey / Women de Lucheng (我们 的 旅程)'. This announcement was submitted by management from their official Weibo account (03/06/2019). Our Journey is SNH48's second album after Mae Shika Mukanee released almost five years ago, May 2014.

This album is also a compilation to welcome the six years SNH48 and the fifth Request Time last January. The songs in this album consist of 9 Request Time Best 50 winning songs (studio recordings) and one special sixth birthday song. Here is the tracklist of SNH48's second album 'Our Journey'.

1. Xin de Lucheng (6th Anniversay version)
2. Jiu cha Yi Diandian (就差一点点) - Dai Meng (SII) & Mo Han (SII)
3. Ben (笨) - BEJ48 Team B
4. SPY - Wu Zhehan (SII) & Xu Jiaqi (SII)
5. Zen - GNZ48 Team Z
6. Gangtie zhi Yi (钢铁之翼) SOLO - Dai Meng (SII)
7. 9 to 9 - Zhang Yuge (SII) & Kong Xiaoyin (SII)
8. Renjian Guize (人间规则) - Liu Yifei (J), Sun Yushan (J), Bai Xinyu (C/BEJ)K
9. Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate - Qian Beiting (SII), Yuan Yuzhen (SII), Zhang Huaijin (J)
10. Shenhai zhi Sheng (深海之声) - Lu Jing (NIII), Chen Qiannan (E), Luo Hanyue (G)

This album will be released in three types namely standard type, donation type, and online type. Standard types are equipped with physical CDs while other types don't. The price for the three types is equal to 78 Yuan.