X1 Become KPop Artists with the Highest Pay Equivalent

Statistics Shows BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, IZONE, Rocket Punch, Red Velvet, Loona, Momoland, GFRIEND, Everglow, ITZY, X1, SNSD, NCT Become KPop Artists with the Highest Pay Equivalent to US Pop Artists According to Market Watch, the K-Pop idol group BTS is "as popular as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and other American pop stars."

The media stated: "Seven members of the youth group in their 20s were formed by South Korea's Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. The group quickly became the highest paid boy band and K-Pop artists in the world, according to Forbes, took home $ 57 million in pre-tax revenues over the past year.

That puts the group at number 43 on Forbes' highest paid celebrity list - still far from Taylor Swift's $ 1 million, $ 185 million, but above $ 48 million owned by Arian Grande. "

So why is this important now? Well, if you are following the development of the VMA recently, you might realize that some ARMYs are not too happy with the results with the latest award event.

Fans wonder and curious, how much X1 members salary / wages per month and how many money they earn from the side job.