How many Rocket Punch members salary earns per month

The Rocket Punch girl group finally announced their long-awaited debut schedule. Rocket Punch is a rookie girl group from Woollim Entertainment agency with six members.

The six members are Takahashi Juri, Kim Suyun, Kim Yeonhee, Kim Sohee, Seo Yunkyung, and Jeong Dahyun.

Through the latest teaser video released on Tuesday at 00.00 South Korea time, it was announced that Rocket Punch will debut on August 7.

Rocket Punch will be the next girl group to be debuted by Woollim Entertainment, after last time debuting Lovelyz in 2014.

What is the salary generated by Rocket Punch members? There is no exact payment, but it will be equal to Everglow members.