Rocket Punch vs ITZY which better group?

Which is better between ITZY and Rocket Punch? Previously Woollim released Eveglow as their girl group, and IZONE was also ITZY's senior. But who is the best?

Five months have passed since ITZY debuted in February. The group from JYP Entertainment successfully kicked off the K-Pop world with their debut single, DALLA DALLA.

Made with a strong concept, ITZY and DALLA DALLA are promising new strengths. The nickname super rookie was given by fans to Yeji, Lia, Chaeryeong, Yuna and Ryujin.

Meanwhile, Rocket Punch has just launched their first single and album Pink Punch in August.

After successfully capturing the public with a debut single, ITZY also held their first comeback on July 28, 2019. They released their next single, ICY, which was no less cool.

Quite different in several aspects, ICY was able to achieve more views than DALLA DALLA in the first 24 hours. DALLA DALLA won 13.9 million, while ICY received 18.1 million on the first day.

Both have characteristics and an interesting side, maybe you like the two songs, but if you are asked to choose one of the ITZY works that you prefer, which do you choose?