SNH48 Zhang DanSan Relegated to IDOLS Ft following her scandal

Zhang Dansan's dating scandal was able to make the fans uproar. Because the member were unexpectedly brave enough to do something against the rules. After being silent, STAR48 is now responding to the case regarding Zhang Dansan. SNH48 officially issued a statement for Dansan today.

Zhang Dansan has violated the member code of ethics that has been applied by STAR48. In accordance with SNH48's slogan 'Dream, Effort, Sweat', STAR48 decreases the four-sentence decision for Tansan.

(1) Give a yellow card to Dansan,
(2) Reduce membership status from Team X SNH48 to IDOLS Ft,
(3) Stop all types of commercial activities and performances,
(4) Stop training with Dreamfairy's new sub unit.

Following up her relegation to IDOLS Ft, Zhang Dansan's Kabesha on the SNH48 Star Dream Theater was removed. She was also canceled to appear in the event to duel Migu's new program team later. Her profile on the official website has also been removed and changed to the IDOLS Ft. Site.