Details on CGM48 Chiang Mai 1st generation member audition.

CGM48 will soon open their first generation audition. CGM48 was the second sister group of AKB48 in Thailand after BNK48 in Bangkok was debuted 2 years ago. This group is based in ChianG Mai City and will focus on activities there. CGM48 will be managed by the BNK48 Office company which also houses BNK48.

Through its official Facebook account, CGM48 has announced that the audition will begin on 15 June - 15 July 2019. Requirements are girls aged 12-22 years. CGM48 does not require that participants must come from Thailand only.

For those of girls who are now 11 years old, you can apply if your age on July 15 is 12 years. Likewise for 22-year-old girls must not be 23 on July 15, 2019. It is not certain that this audition will spread to neighboring Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos such as the planned 3rd generation BNK48 audition that was rumored and is now postponed.

The CGM48 website is still under construction, will be opened at the upcoming audition. Well, from rumors circulating that CGM48 will later have overseas members. It is not yet certain that this member comes from auditions or submissions from other 48 groups. Perhaps fans estimate that one member of the sister group from Shanghai China AKB48 Team SH will be sent.