Some stats on SGO48 1st single Heavy Rotation

SGO48 has just released its first single titled 'Heavy Rotation' (07-17/2019). In this first single, SGO48 released it in three types, namely A, B, and C. Single each type contains digital cards, lyric books, handshake cards, and photopack. SGO48 does not make CDs in this first single.

However, the interesting thing from before the release of this single is the price pegged. The price of a single group 48 pegged of course will determine the number of sales per chip. After the release, SGO48 installed a price of 249,000 Vietnamese Dollar (VND). Such prices if implemented have a value of around Rp150,000.00.

Some time ago fans were expecting the best price for SGO48 to sell this single. In the Twitter @ SGO48Update account on Twitter polled for the best price for SGO48 singles. The poll results state that the best prices fall in the range of 100-200 VND (US$6 - $10). While for prices above 200 VND only a little.