Sun Zhenni and Xu Jiaqi to stay with SIBA after SNH48 graduation

Good news came from SNH48 members nSun Zhenni and Xu Jiaqi (Kiki). These two members will be STAR48's solo artists after leaving SNH48 in the future. Even though they are both currently under the status of SNH48 member, they will extend their contract to the popular Chinese agency Siba STAR48.

This news is known after STAR48 registered the trademark on behalf of these two members. Trademarks have been registered on March 25, 2019. Trademarks have been approved and registered officially. This shows that both of them will become solo artists like Ju Jingyi. Even Li Yitong and Huang Tingting had the same thing.

Trademarks under the name Sun Zhenni and Xu Jiaqi also have logos written in Hanzi. Sun Zhenni and Xu Jiaqi have indeed become members that are quite popular in SNH48. Xu Jiaqi has successfully starred in The Legend of Yunxi while Sun Zhenni has also played in the movie Nederlands Smile. Both of them are thought to be actors and solo singers.