AKB48 fans asks Yahagi Moeka to graduate as soon as possible

The decline in the hype number of the 56th single AKB48 Sustainable was influenced by a number of reasons. One of them is the appointment of Yahagi Moeka as a center. Japanese AKB48 fans getting upset with Yahagi Moeka since her scandal, making her HS ticket sales dropped dramatically.

"Why would you buy it, why would you pay them for a handshake with that p***ick when you can sleep properly for free with her." wrote a fan on Instagram.

Fans think Yahagi Moeka does not appreciate her previous senior struggle to respect the existence of Love Ban Rule in order to fight for the existence and popularity of AKB48 over the years.

"I'm starting to think, the faster she (Moeka) leave, the better for AKB48. Otherwise it could be worse, it could be another Mahohon's case. By appointing Moeka as a center alone that confirms the clowns running AKS." wrote another fan.