BEJ48 failed to perform with AKB48 Team SH

AKB48's and SNH48's sister group Team SH and BEJ48 are rumored to be meeting at the same event, Qingchun Mangguo Cheng by Mango TV. This is very interesting because as we know AKB48 with SNH48 did not get along after the last June 2016 due to contract issue.

BEJ48 (Beijing48) who was the first group of SNH48 franchise did not receive the blessing of the AKS at its formation. For the sake of BEJ48, SNH48 was also willing at that time to decide to be independent from AKB48 because the logo related to their group had been removed from all AKB48 GROUP sites.

Since then, all AKB48 GROUP management has banned actions related to SNH48. AKB48 Team SH itself is a replacement group for SNH48 which is AKB48's sister group in China. Surely this is a bit of a problem for SNH48 fans in China because of this AKS action.

How not, the Chinese version of AKB48 songs will be re-released into Chinese. Back on the topic, BEJ48 and AKB48 Team SH failed to meet at the same event. The schedule for their performances was not contested because the event was held for 5 consecutive days.

BEJ48 is scheduled to appear on July 23 as the opening act while AKB48 Team SH will conclude on July 27. This meeting may indeed be unwanted by both companies both STAR48 and AKS. The AKS will definitely prohibit members from interacting with SNH48 in public.

Just as STAR48 is certain they will advocate a different schedule from AKB48 GROUP. Like PRODUCE 101 yesterday, there was an issue regarding STAR48 participating but later rumors said that they revoked representatives because Tencent invited AKB48 CHINA. It is undeniable that SNH48 GROUP and AKB48 Team SH will be together in Chinese TV programs and internet programs in the future.