BNK48 Cake announces her graduation for this

The BNK48 theater performance on Friday night, was filled with fans' sadness because one member announced her graduation from the group.

Cake or second generation Nawaporn Chansuk said she will leave from BNK48.

Suddenly after announcing graduation, hashtag #CakeBNK48 became trending on Twitter Thailand.

In her graduation announcement, Cake said that she would continue her tertiary education to the next Bachelor degrees level.

"I feel sad, all 'things' happen. I feel sad every time I make fans feel uncertain. Sorry I cannot fulfill my duties as a BNK completely. So with this, I decided to continue my education, to find the right path. for me," Cake said at the time.

Her last handshake event will be held on September 21, 2019. Came last theater performance as well as her graduation will be held on the last week of September 2019.