BNK48 to hold Aom and Izuta Rina graduation - farewell show

BNK48 will hold the last theater performance for two of its members, Izurina and Aom on Tuesday.

This performance is a special offering for both because soon Aom and Izurina will be moved to the sister group CGM48 in Chiang Mai.

With the headline 'Aom and Izurina We Hug You Cea', this show will be conducted with the formation of Team BIII.

The show will be attended by 16 members of Team BIII and second generation kenkyuusei.

They are Izurina, Jaa, Jennis, Kaimook, Kate, Miori, Music, Pun, Aom, Cake, Faii, June, Minmin, New, Pandam, and Pukkhom.

Of course the setlist displayed is 'Party ga Hajimaru yo'.

Today, the members take part in a live broadcast at BNK48 Digital Studio.

They were accompanied by music teachers singing a song dedicated to Aom and Izurina who would soon move to CGM48. Some fans feel sad and happy moments as well.