Former GNZ48 Zhang Xinyu get married

Lately we often get wedding news, starting from Luo Lan ex SNH48, Riskha ex JKT48, and now one former GNZ48 one after the other is married.

Today, Zhang Xinyu through her personal Weibo account announced she has been married.

Besides delivering a marriage, she also announced her graduation from school.

"Long time no see, I want to share some happy things with you guys. First, I graduated, and I'm very happy with my classmates in class 52. Goodbye! Goodbye! See you soon! The second is receiving a certificate (marriage book "Thank you Xiaohe (her husband's nickname) for connecting me with a family far from campus," wrote the girl who entered the GNZ48 single senbatsu twice.

This upload was responded to by several members of the SNH48 GROUP. Her teammate in Team Z used to wish Zhang Xinyu happily ever after.

"Congratulations! This is great!" Commented Wang Zixin GNZ48. "Ah, beautiful you must be happy," wrote Zhang Qiuyi GNZ48.