List of AKB48 Team SH 2nd generation members revealed

An account portal AKB48 GROUP 'AIRO' has revealed the names of the second generation of AKB48 Team SH members. The final stage of the AKB48 Team SH Audition itself was held on July 27, 2019. At this last stage the AKS central management in Japan attended the selection of participants. As many as 24 girls reportedly qualified to become members of the second generation AKB48 Team SH. 

They are Cheng Anzi (程安子), Gui Yuanyuan (桂媛媛), Gong Luwen (龚露雯), Hu Xinyin (胡馨尹), Jian Qiangwei (渐蔷微), Kong Kexin (孔珂昕), Li Siqi (李思琪), Li Zhuoxuan (李卓轩), Liang Shan (梁珊), Pan Qiuyi (潘秋怡), Pu Zhiying (蒲祉颖), Shi Aibei (施蔼倍), Tan Junxi (谭珺兮), Wang Sini (王思妮), Wang Yuxi (王雨曦), Wu Yiting (吴怡婷), Xiong Fangni (熊芳妮), Zeng Sichun (曾鸶淳), Zhang Chen (张琛), Zhang Jiazhe (张嘉哲),  Zhang Lulu (张璐露), Zhang Qianfei (张倩霏), Zou Ruonan (邹若男). And an unknown girl.

Of the twenty-four new members of AKB48 Team SH, there are two girls from the first generation candidates who were not selected because they did not sign a contract. These two names are Gui Yuanyuan and Zhang Lulu. The two girls were present at the announcement and press conference of the first generation AKB48 Team SH members.