SNH48 Lv Yi is not allowed to sing AKB48 Team TP song

SNH48's seventh generation member, Lv Yi has just ventured to fans through her Pocket48 account chat room.. 

She ventured to fans about her birthday celebration event at the theater later. The girl with the greeting 'Kokoro' received a rejection from the staff about the song that would be performed by her at the theater. 

This member of the BlueV sub unit invited the staff to sing AKB48's sister group, AKB48 Team TP. The song owned by AKB48 Team TP does have the same language as SNH48, namely Mandarin. 

Through the chat room, Lv Yi originally wanted to choose the song Sougen no Kiseki from AKB48 Team TP. 

Suddenly this was uploaded and then uploaded by a fan gossip account on Weibo. Lots of laughing comments that appear. 

Lv Yi has indeed been known to be innocent girl since its appearance on SNH48. As we know AKB48 Team TP and SNH48 itself do not have any relationship. 

From the chat room it is known that the staff answers as shown. "You can't," the staff said, rejecting Lv Yi. "Taipei with us is not a unit," the staff replied to Lv Yi as a reason for rejection. Lv answered the staff with a long laugh hahahaha. "Alright," Lv Yi answered the staff.