SNH48 member Li YiTong has announced her graduation

SNH48 members will again be left farewell. Li Yitong the 2019 election queen announced her graduation through her Pocket48 chat room today.

The statement by the Team HII member made it clearer about the club account that opened the donation for Li Yitong's graduation performance yesterday.

"This will be my last MV in the group, and this is my graduation MV. I hope it's simpler, I want to feel it more naturally. So hope is not the same as reality, because company rules cannot be changed. So I want to say I'm sorry but I hope you all happy." Li Yitong wrote.

Li Yitong also said goodbye to fans at the end of her Pocket48 account chat. Congratulations to Li Yitong who will graduate from SNH48. It is likely that she will also be filming her second solo single as an election prize winner along with the filming of the new SNH48 MV single in Japan.