SNH48 to hold Li YiTong Faka graduation concert for 2 days

SNH48 has announced on its official website that the performance of Li Yitong's graduation theater stage will soon take place.

Li Yitong herself had announced her graduation some time ago.

SNH48 decided to graduate early Li Yitong because she would undergo a career as a solo artist under the auspices of the agency STAR48.

This performance will be titled 'Ni Hao! Li Yitong' which means 'How are you, Li Yitong'.

The graduation performance will be held on September 12 and 13 2019.

The first show will be held at 19:00 and the second day at 14:00.

Tickets will go on sale starting September 3, 2019.

In the framework of this graduation, SNH48 will release the first photobook for Li Yitong which was take place in Japan some time ago.

Li Yitong will also take off Kabesha photos at SNH48 Star Dream Theater at the end of the show on the second day.

This graduation performance also became a series of events to enliven the sixth anniversary of SNH48 theater.

The annual general ranking ranking ranking Li Yitong: 6-3-2-2-1-1, always included in the TOP 7.

She is an influental member of the second generation SNH48, Faka sparked her idol career with an enchanting total selection.

Now, Li YiTong will take off the prefix and start a new journey.

At that time Li Yitong said, "My future will be made by me". Mid this Autumn 2019, let's accompany Faka to unlock new maps, watch her officially open the way to "become a better artist"!