Wakatsuki Yumi works on display at 104th Nika Art Exhibition, 8th in a row

The work of former 1st generation Nogizaka46 member Wakatsuki Yumi was selected in the '104th Nika Art Exhibition / Nikaten art exhibition [第 104 回 二 科 展]'. 

This is the eighth year in a row that Wakatsuki's work was chosen in 'Nikaten'. 

As in previous years, this year Wakatsuki included her work in category A namely poster design with a free theme. 

Wakatsuki's work is a collection of colorful flowers that look like cats on black media with the words "I am not a cat" on it. 

Wakatsuki's work will be exhibited starting today, September 4, 2019 at the National Art Center, Tokyo. 

- Wakatsuki Yumi's comment - 
"My work at first glance looks like a cat, but this is a flower. Usually in this life, what I think is white but actually is black, my work represents something will look different when we expand our perspective. "