AKB48 Team SH announce remake single of "Sustainable" called "Chixu de Ailian"

Today through its official social media account, AKB48 Team SH announced it will release a new song called 'Chixu de Ailian (持续 的 爱恋)' or which means 'Love Continues'.

This song will be released online on September 20, 2019.

Chixu de Ailian is a song adapted from the original AKB48 version 'Sustainable'.

This single is AKB48's latest single in Japan.

Both the AKB48 and Team SH versions will all be released on QQ Music and Kugou Music on the same day.

This song tells of two lovebirds who like each other from beginning to end.

With this summer bandage, it will feel different in the hands of AKB48 Team SH, which was delivered with only 15 senbatsu members.

They are Liu Nian, Mao Weijia, Zhu Ling, Shen Ying, Li Shiqi, Wu Anqi, Wang Yuduo, Wei Xin, Ye Zhien, Shi Keyan, Zhu Xiaoti, Zhou Nianqi, Wan Fangzhou, Guan Tiantian, and Song Xinran. As usual, Liu Nian is still the center of all digital and non-digital singles.