Another SNH48 Sun Zhenni dating scandal with Chen Tao exposed

On September 26, 2019, SNH48 Group fans were again stirred by the scandalous romance of Sun Zhenni, a member of Team HII.

She was spotted by someone walking along and holding Chen Tao's hand, which was a former Qing Chun You Ni program.

This scandal returned to the public after the two photos were uploaded to Weibo.

Previously Sun Zhenni was reportedly in a serious relationship with Chen Tao some time ago, but she brushed aside the slanted news.

According to Zhenni the photo of her being embraced by Chen Tao was common in the campus friendship.

But it seems she lied to fans.

Not just this time Zhenni was caught off guard along with the male idol.

Several times someone uploaded a photo of her together with Chen Tao, walking along a busy street.

The photos above are always matched with a fashion account that discusses Chen Tao's outfit, and sure enough the clothes belong to Chen Tao.

SNH48 fans are now just waiting for a response from management.

Sun Zhenni is indeed very popular among fans, but management is suspected of always not acting quickly against the popular members they have.