Aom and Izuta Rina SNS changed from BNK48 to CGM48

CGM48 members sent from BNK48's sister group Aom and Izurina officially changed the name of their social media accounts.

Both are now ready to expand the mandate in the new sister group in Chiang Mai.

Aom's Instagram account has been named users @aom.cgm48 and @cgm48.izurina for Izuta Rina.

Aom has also written the name Aom CGM48 but Izurina still hasn't changed the name of BNK48.

In addition, Aom's official Facebook page has been changed from to

The same thing happened to Izuta Rina who was changed to cgm48official.izutarina.

However, the names of both of them on their official pages still bear the name BNK48.

CGM48 is certain to debut soon.

This is evident from the change in their social media name to the name of the turquoise logo.