Details on SNH48 new single "Poetry About Time"

SNH48 officially announced the release of the EP's physical single from the sixth general election 'Poetry About Time / Shijian de Ge'.

The single was released digitally yesterday.

This single will be released in four types or versions.

The first version, the Hardcover Type, will go on sale on September 23, 2019.

This single consists of Shijian de Ge CD and Yongbu Yonggan CD, 1 photopack, 3 sixth Request Time voting coupons, 2 handshake tickets, and 1 'SNH48 GROUP Travel Diary' photobook .

Type A and Type B do not differ much only the release date and type of CD cover.

Type A will be released September 21, while Type B will be released October 8, 2019.

Of these two types will consist of 1 CD, 1 lyric book, 1 photopack, 1 Request Time voting ticket (20 votes), and 1 handshake coupon.

As usual, SNH48 also releases donation types that do not contain CDs but other contents are not much different from Type A and B.

It's just that each type of donation will be available exclusively EP or single envelopes.

Even so the price of Type A, B, and Donation is the same, which is 78 Yuan while the hardcover is 288 Yuan.

The song will consist of only three songs, Poetry About Time / Shijian de Ge (的间 的 歌) by senbatsu, Yong Bu Yonggan (勇 不 勇敢) / Bravery by Under Girls, and You Ni (有 你) by Next Girls. Purchases can all be made at the SNH48 shop site and the group theater base.