Former GNZ48 Zhou Qianyu 'Akuma' joined CKG48

As we've posted before, CKG48 will announce one important thing.

This is a member who officially joined the original Chongqing group.

Zhou Qianyu ex GNZ48 was promoted to become a new member of CKG48 at the 'Miss Camelia Chenh Chang' show last night.

On this occasion, Zhou Qianyu gave a re-introduction as a member of CKG48.

All fans did not expect that Zhou Qianyu returned to SNH48 GROUP because she had decided to leave her previous group, GNZ48.

Zhou Qianyu will return to being a member of IDOLS Ft SNH48.

She will be with other CKG48 members performing once a week.

The girl with the nickname Akuma is a sixth generation SNH48 training student who was sent to GNZ48 at the formation of the April 2016 group. She joined Team G and decided to leave in February 2017