Gao Yuanjing is reportedly graduated from GNZ48

Gao Yuanjing reportedly left the GNZ48 Guangzhou idol group.

This is known after she made a code or signal in her official Weibo account on Saturday.

In Gao's account, she deleted all of her uploads, leaving only two posts.

One of the posts was none other than the first photo upload she entered as a member of the fifth generation SNH48 at that time followed by an introduction status.

Indeed, every member who excused Gao Yuanjing herself from SNH48 GROUP, one of the codes given was the removal of Weibo posts.

Some are even determined to change their official Weibo username.

Not infrequently there are also members who say goodbye by leaving their first upload on debut as a member.

This girl who resembles former SNH48 Zhao Jiamin was sent to GNZ48 when the group was formed in April 2016.

Gao Yuanjing joined the Team G formation accompanied by another fifth generation.

She is a member who is quite popular in SNH48 GROUP.

In the sixth Request Time, fanclub Gao Yuanjing has opened a voice donation for her.

However, this decision was appreciated by her fans and donations will be returned immediately.

Her fans also gave hope in the remaining Weibo posts through the comments column.