GNZ48 Chen Xinyu in fear as fans always waiting at the dorm every night

Through her Pocket48 account on Thursday night, Chen Xinyu, a member of Team NIII GNZ48 expressed a deep sense of fear while in the member dormitory.

The only SNH48 Group girl from Taiwan felt annoyed by a man who was always waiting in front of the members' dorms.

She ventured to fans that the man always appeared every night arrived.

This continued to make Chen Xinyu uneasy because she could have done something dangerous.

"Your strange behavior has upset me, if I see you again, I will call the police. Don't come near me," wrote this 6th generation member of SNH48.

The stalking experienced by the idol group SNH48 Group and others is indeed very unsettling.

Even SNH48's Wan Lina had just been hit by the window of her dorm room recently.

Even so, STAR48 has not issued a firm statement on the stalking cases experienced by members lately.