Leaked SNH48 new members as their 12th generation to be unveiled

SNH48 will have new members who come from the twelfth generation.

Auditions have been held since the beginning of the year which also coincided with the 7th generation of BEJ48 and GNZ48.

SNH48's twelfth generation members will be scheduled to debut at the 6th anniversary theater special performance on September 16th.

Not yet debuted, photos of 12th generation members have leaked and spread on Weibo.

This is because the SNH48 member website's official image page has been published so that everyone can access it freely.

When traced, members of the 12th generation only consist of 4 people. 

Although their photos have been circulating freely on the internet, but the fourth name is unknown.

However, these four members will be directly promoted to the core team.

Two will be in Team SII, and the other two in Team HII and Team X. Team NII will not be allocated a member of the 12th generation.