SNH48 6th Request Time Best 50 in Guangzhou 2019, final result prediction

Through its official website today, SNH48 officially opened a special page for voting on the sixth annual selection of the best songs.

On the site it was announced that this event will be held on December 21, 2019. 

Voting will begin on December 28, 2019 after the release of SNH48's new single 'Shijian de Ge / Poetry About Time' and will end November 11, 2019.

The final concert will be held in Guangzhou City, regarding its location to be announced in the future.

The event will be participated by SNH48 members including the sister groups BEJ48 and GNZ48.

CKG48 is not included again in this annual event.

A total of 600 SNH48 GROUP songs consisting of singles, albums, setlists, and others can be chosen to be contested to be the 50 best that will be displayed at the concert later.

Following last year, there will be a grouping of winners.

(1) Golden Song with two songs each one unit song and one team song.

(2) Sun Group Song with 7 songs with 1 team song + 1 solo song + 2 duet songs + 3 unit songs.

(3) Moon Group Song with 16 songs consisting of 1 team song + 2 solo songs + 6 duet songs + 7 unit songs.

(4) Star Group Song with 25 songs including 2 team songs + 23 unit songs.

The difference is, if two years of Request Time lately there is a group reshuffle, this year will be abolished.

For the prize itself, as usual the winning song at Golden Song will be made an exclusive MV.

In addition, 4 team songs and 6 winning unit songs will be included in the SNH48 spring EP such as the single 'Our Journey' yesterday.