SNH48 Group tour in Japan with 'Plan Salvation' show held in Tokyo

As announced in the pre-election yesterday that SNH48 will hold an overseas performance.

After 7SENSES successfully held its first showcase in South Korea, this time SNH48 GROUP will also be holding a tour tour abroad.

Japan will be the first target country of SNH48 and the show will be held in Tokyo.

This was announced by SNH48 via its official website today. 

SNH48 will hold a show and handshake event in Tokyo for the first time.

Previously this Shanghai-based group had performed in Japan as an invited guest at an event.

The Japanese performance and Handshake tour will be held on October 12, 2019 at 18:00 at Akasaka Blitz.

Tickets will go on sale starting September 16, 2019 at a price of 6,500 Yen.

There are no class divisions in this ticket, all tickets are for standing.

7SENSES international sub units will be special too.

Members will appear with Team SII's setlist, 'Plan Salvation'.

In this appearance SNH48's official website states that the show will be performed in Japanese

This will be SNH48's original song performance in Japan.

TOP1 members of BEJ48 and GNZ48 will also participate.

Special guests who have not been announced will also entertain fans who come.

Members who will participate are Zhao Yue, Li Yuqi, Xu Yangyuzhuo, Sun Rui, Qian Beiting, Liu Zengyan, Qi Jing, Chen Lin, Dai Meng, Kong Xiaoyin, Zhang Yuge, Mo Han, Duan Yixuan (BEJ48), Wu Zhehan, Xu Jiaqi, Chen Ke (GNZ48).

Dominated by Team SII members and first generation SNH48.

SNH48 will sell their latest single 'Shijian de Ge' in Japanese 'Jikan no Uta' at this event.

Some other SNH48 merchandise can also be purchased special on this Japan tour.