SNH48 increases ticket prices for theatre show

Some interesting announcements were made in a special theater performance celebrating the 6th anniversary of SNH48 Star Dream Theater.

One of them is about the theater itself which is about the entrance fee for the show.

This announcement was made by 3 members of SNH48 namely Mo Han, Zhang Xi, and Feng Xiaofei.

The three announced that SNH48 would raise the ticket price for theater performances.

This is done so that SNH48 Star Dream Theater can still provide the best service.

Besides this price increase is also due to economic development each year and increased operating costs.

This increase also applies to the BEJ48 Star Dream Theater in Beijing and in Guangzhou from GNZ48.

Regular tickets from 80 Yuan to 98 Yuan while VIP tickets from 168 Yuan to 198 Yuan.

The total types of ticket classes from 80 Yuan, 98 Yuan, 128 Yuan, and 168 Yuan are adjusted to 98 Yuan, 128 Yuan, 168 Yuan  and 198 Yuan.

The new ticket price will take effect on October 1, 2019.

At the same time as the ticket price adjustment, SNH48 opened 10 limited coupons for photographers alian taking photos when the stage was allowed to take photos.

All users registered at the official SNH48 GROUP store can get this coupon.

Real name verification is required for the purchase of 10 exclusive ticket coupons.

Each coupon is valid for 3 months. Coupons are only valid for special joint shows, shonichi setlist, and so on.