SNH48 new setlist "Yiwang de Guodu (Forgotten Country)" for Team X

SNH48 Star Dream Theater's sixth birthday special performance was held last night.

The show was attended by members of the first generation to the twelve groups from Shanghai.

There are several important announcements made by SNH48 management.

One of these is the announcement of a new original setlist. This time, the team that will get a new repertoire is Team X.

The title of Team X's original setlist has been announced, 'Yiwang de Guodu (遗忘 的 国度)'.

The word has the meaning of 'Forgotten Country' if translated into English.

Surely this setlist will be displayed this year, after the end of the waiting stage setlist of Team X 'Girl X'.

In the 'Yiwang de Guodu' announcement video a new set of Team NII setlist appeared, Shi zhi Juan.

It is estimated that the new setlist of Team X still has something to do with Team NII's repertoire.

Team X has brought some original setlist or not.

Their first setlist is Shaishuu Bell ga Naru followed by Saka Agari.

Their first original performance was Mengxiang de Qizhi (The Dream of the Flag), the second was Fate X (Mingyun de X hao), and this was the third original.