STU48 members visiting BNK48 theater in Thailand

The sister idol group of AKB48 in Japan from Setouchi 'STU48' visited their sister group in Thailand BNK48 on Thursday.

This visit was in the context of an event program belonging to STU48 'STU48 no Ittekimasu'.

After being invited to SKE48 collaboration in a program, BNK48 was very fortunate to be guests in their sister group program.

The three STU48 members who visited the BNK48 theater yesterday were Tanaka Kouko, Ishida Minami, and Imamura Matsuki.

The girls from Japan were welcomed by BNK48 personnel, Mobile, Bamboo and Satchan.

Bamboo told in her official Facebook account that STU48 would cover their theater.

She will also look forward to the program and praise the cuteness of the STU48 members.