Take a look at Nogizaka46 'Nogizaka Sekai Tabi, Konno-san Hottoite yo!'

The new project Nogizaka46 has finally been revealed.

This new project is a new program called '#Nogizaka Sekai Tabi, Konno-san Hottoite yo! [# 乃 木 坂 世界 旅 今 野 さ ん ほ っ い て よ!] 'which will be aired on Abema TV.

'#Nogizaka Sekai Tabi, Konno-san Hottoite yo!' is a walking program based on the concept "When relaxing / calm Nogizaka46, the busiest idol group in Japan ...!".

Konno-san in the name of this program refers to Konno Yoshio, the important figure behind Nogizaka46.

Nogizaka46 members will be "free" from Konno-san, and they are completely free to travel for 3 full days abroad.

This program will be broadcast 2 times a month where every month two different members will travel abroad.

In this program, fans can see members' personal trips that they normally cannot see, and on the official Instagram program (@ nogizaka46_world), members who enjoy their trip will send photos, gather information about their travel destinations and so on.

The first broadcast of this program will be broadcast on 12 ~ 13 October 2019 for 3 hours starting at 21: 00 ~ 24: 00 JST / 19: 00 ~ 22: 00 WIB.

And the first broadcast will present the journey of Shiraishi Mai and an unknown member who will enjoy their trip to Hawaii.