7SENSES to release songs in Japanese and Korean ver

7SENSES have announced that they will be making a comeback with their fourth single entitled 'New Plan'.

After successfully appearing in Korea some time ago, now the auspicious group Kiki and Co will start a new style and concert in the single to be released.

The songs in the fourth single 7SENSES have now been registered with the Chinese music copyright.

There are two new songs in this fourth single.

The first song as the main song is New Plan with a couple song titled 'Who is your Girl'.

However, interestingly 7SENSES will also release a Korean version of the song New Plan.

This was stated in their showcase yesterday in Korea.

In addition to Korean, 7SENSES will also enter the Japanese market.

Good news for this new single, 7SENSES will release a Japanese version of the song for the first time.

After the popular Korean version of Swan song, now the SNH48 sub unit group will try to attract the attention of fans in Japan.

Not a New Plan song, 7SENSES will present the song 'Who is your Girl' in the Japanese version.