AKB48 Team SH created a new special Weibo official account for fans

The idol group from Shanghai 'AKB48 Team SH' has just opened a Weibo account for fans named 'Kaki48'.

This account is a diversion from the '@ STF49' account that has been dormant since debut.

"Kagi Kani My feet are all of you 'feet', Hello everyone, I'm AKB48 Team SH's feet, you can call me KK", write and say hello to the fans.

This Kaki48 account also explains that this account will provide relevant information for fans, announcements and other statements, as well as news of performances that will be done by AKB48 Team SH going forward.

Through this account too, Kaki said that he could submit criticisms and suggestions for the AKB48 Team SH.

"Whenever and wherever as long as we have good ideas and suggestions for the AKB48 Team SH, please write in a private message (DM), we will consult and discuss and provide timely feedback," wrote Kaki.