AKB48 Team SH Guan TianTian promoted to regular team

Happy news came from AKB48 Team SH, on this October  they established a core member of the trainee status.

Guan Tiantian, a member of the first generation group from Shanghai, officially became a core or full member of the group.

This news was welcomed by Guan Tiantian fans and also those who loved the pioneers of the first generation of the group.

Previously, Guan Tiantian was the only training student from the first generation before the addition of the second generation trainees.

Although she was the only training student among her colleagues in the first generation members of AKB48 Team SH.

Guan Tiantian was also often chosen in the senbatsu single group.

Now that she was appointed as a core member, AKB48 Team SH's remaining second-generation training students were left to the second generation and Xu Yiting (the first generation (who was demoted due to the scandal some time ago).