BNK48 to hold "Blooming Season" concert for 2nd generation

The second generation BNK48 will hold their concert on November 2, 2019.

This concert will be held at Bitec Bangna Hall 106, Bangkok, Thailand.

This is their first inaugural concert after the appearance of BNK48 2nd The Debut.

As many as 24 second generation members who still continue their dreams at BNK48 will participate in this concert.

With the headline 'Blooming Season', this concert will feel very hit for fans of this Gen 2.

Through the BNK48 Youtube account at this concert there will be many special presentations presented by the members.

There will be performances of acapella, hip hop, and traditional Thai singing that will be displayed at the concert later.

Tickets have already gone on sale at the ticketing platform, Event Pop.

Tickets consist of 4 classes, the cheapest being 1,000 THB (IDR 464,000.00), then 1,800 THB (IDR 835,000.00), 2,400 THB (IDR 1,114,000.00), and 2,800 THB (IDR 1,300.00).

The BNK48 concert is indeed famous for its high-priced tickets and is not even different from the KPOP group retailers in Bangkok.