Camila fans claims Tomomi Itano plagiarized Senorita for Loca

Camila fans claims Tomomi Itano plagiarized Senorita for Loca

Tomomi Itano or often called Tomochin has just released her new mini album titled 'LOCA' on October 16, 2019.

In this mini album contains 6 songs and one of them has the same title, 'Loca'.

All songs on this album are available on music platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Unexpectedly, LOCA song got scorn from the Camila Cabello fans.

The Loca song from Itano Tomomi is considered to imitate an similar to Shawn Mendes's Señorita song sung by featuring Camila Cabello.

They also consider this as a work of plagiarism.

Let's listen to a comparison video made by the following Twitter account.

The two songs are different, but there are some musical instruments that may sound the same.

This can be found at the beginning or intro to the song Loca which might be a bit similar to Senorita.

There has been no clarification from Tomomi Itano's management itsself regarding this matter.

However, Tomochin fans above explained that this was not plagiarism.

They stressed that many idols in Korea or Japan are doing the same thing as buying copyrights and re-creating songs.