Details BEJ48 new setlist Yuhua Cheng Die - Weilai • Yiqian Ling E Pian

Team E BEJ48 will hold their new theater shonichi repertoire or setlist entitled 'Yuhua Cheng Die - Weilai • Yiqian Ling E Pian' on October 18, 2019.

The setlist with the longest name in SNH48 Group is the second original repertoire of Team E after Qihuan Jiamian Li .

There are 16 new songs that will be staged in this setlist. Starting from BEJ48 version overture until the last encore.

Unit songs are the most numerous among the other part songs.

The following is the composition of the songs in the 'Feather to Be Butterfly' setlist.

M01. Migong (迷宫)
M02. Yi Du Kongjian (异度空间)
M03. E-Volution
M04. Wangpai Dengchang (王牌登场)
M05. Hongye Wei Jian (红叶为笺)
M06. Love Me Love Me
M07. Jujue Zhijiao (拒绝指教)
M08. Yuyan de Jiexian (预言的界限)
M09. Rose’s Secret
M10. Tiansheng E Dui (天生E对)
M11. Biaoqing Ditu (表情地图)
M12. Jingji Huangguan (荆棘皇冠)
M13. I Can Fly
M14. Xiwang zhi Guang (希望之光)
M15. Yi (异)
M16. Zai Mingtian Deng Ni (在明天等你)

The choreographer and composer team have been fully upgraded, and for the first time, Team E will try a new dance style to create a different audio-visual party.

This setlist reflects Team E's growth and transformation in three years.

Shonichi will be joined by 18 Team E members including Chen Qiannan, Cheng Yulu, Chen Yishan, Feng Sijia Li Na, Liu Shengnan, Ma Yuling, Peng Jiamin, Ren Manlin, Su Shanshan, Wang Yulan, Xu Siyang, Xiong Xin, Zhang Aijing, Zeng Jie, Zhang Xiaoying, Zheng Yifan, and Zhang Zhijie.