Details on 7SENSES 4th single "New Plan"

SNH48 international squad sub unit '7SENSES' will comeback again with a mini EP single titled 'NEW PLAN'.

Previously the title of the single had been announced and presented in their showcase in South Korea.

Filming and recording processions of songs were also carried out in Korea with the help of ZB Label as their agency there.

For the first time 7SENSES will use two main songs in this EP.

The first main song (side A) is 'New Plan' and the second main song (side B) is titled 'Who is Your Girl'.

Side A will be released under the title 'Look at Me Now' & side B titled 'Shooting Your Heart' The New Plan song will have the concept of girl crush music with a tripe style while for the song Who is Your Girl Jazz music genre with house dance style.

For the first time 7SENSES will release a Japanese version of the song Who is Your Girl and re-release the Korean version of the song from New Plan.

EP New Plan will be released in one type, namely the standard edition which contains 1 CD, 1 lyric book, 1 photopack, and 1 handshake coupon.

The EP will be sold and released on November 1, 2019.

A handshake will also be held on the same day but the date will be announced in more detail in the future.