Details on BNK48 7th single "77 no Suteki na Machi e"

BNK48 has just held the first day of the second album special 2shot event 'JABAJA'.

After, the photo session ended there was an announcement from management.

A video on the screen was shown and fans were surprised by the announcement of senbatsu and the title of the seventh single BNK48.

Senbatsu consists of 23 members more than usual.

They are Cherprang, Bamboo, Fond, Gygee, Jaa, Jennis, Music, Noey, Jane, Mind, Orn, Piam, Satchan, Mobile, Wee, and first time senbatsu Fifa, Jib, New, Niky, Oom, Ratah, Stang, and View.

Cherprang will still be the center single after this BEGINNER.

The title of the seventh BNK48 single is '77 No Suteki Na Machi e '.

In Thai the title of the song is 77 Din Daen Saen Wises (77 ดิน แดน แสน วิเศษ) which means '77 Beautiful Place '.

The song is an adaptation of Team 8 AKB48's song titled '47 no Suteki Na Machi e 'and became a coupling song in the single Kokoro no Placard.

This song reflects the origin of Team 8 members representing 47 prefectures in Japan.

Whereas in BNK48 it was adapted still with the same concept as Team 8, because in Thailand there are 76 provinces and 1 capital city so the number is 77 administrative regions.

The video clip (MV) will be released tomorrow on October 20, 2019.