Details on CGM48 1st generation members (Name List + Instagram official)

The first generation of CGM48 members was officially announced at the We Talk To You event.

A total of 23 girls who passed the first generation audition section and then added 2 people from BNK48 namely Aom and Izurina total CGM48 has 25 members.

They are Aom, Angle, Champoo, Fahsai, Fortune, Izurina, Jayda, JJae, Kaning, Kaiwaan, Keala, Latin, Marmink, Mean, May, Milk, Nina, Nini, Ni-Cha.

Parima, Pipo, Ping, Pim, Punch and Sita.

These girls come from various regions.

Let's memorize the names and faces of CGM48 members through their profile! The total CGM48 members are currently 25 girls including Izurina and Aom.

All members at this event wore T-shirts with subordinates woven from Chiang Mai in the same color as the group logo.

Photos of CGM48 members were also posted on the 2nd floor of the plaza.

All Instagram accounts of CGM48 members are now activated.

You can search for oshi or your favorite members by searching for 'cgm48official'.